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With cloud automation solutions provided by Ivanti Automation, certain types of work can be completed by technology, freeing up employees’ time and attention. Many tasks are repetitive, and your IT staff are trained for greater value-added work. IT automation solutions make personnel more productive.


With enterprise automation solutions, you can: 

  • Automate processes such as upgrading software, provisioning identities, and configuring systems

  • Reduce the number of manual tasks required of your IT staff members

  • Increase the amount of time available to your IT employees

  • Decrease the possibility of human error, such as data entry mistakes

  • Make it easier to manage your technology infrastructure

  • Simplify the implementation of complex changes across many systems 

  • Create and share repeatable task scripts

  • Schedule automated tasks for the future

  • Connect automation with other important Ivanti and third-party software

  • Keep all automation controls in one application

  • Prepare for audits automatically

  • Enforce the use of policies more effectively

  • Add automation to cloud-based services

Organizations can be severely damaged by lost or distorted data caused by human errors. Reduce or eliminate these risks—along with freeing your employees for important innovations—using Ivanti cloud automation solutions. Your employees will love a system that takes over repetitive tasks.


Could your staff members benefit from help with the implementation of Ivanti Automation? Organizations often need more support when distributing new and different software. Our experienced Ivanti-trained consultants will help you be more successful through:

We provide:

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You’ll have consultative advice before and during your software setup, ensuring Ivanti Automation is customized for your unique systems and the entire rollout is planned in every detail.

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Get quick answers to your questions about Ivanti Automation, along with being walked through how to use it.

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Software is only useful if it is adopted. We will help you get an increased number of your employees to use the helpful features of Ivanti Automation.


What is cloud automation?

This includes software tools that exist in a cloud-based environment and can automatically perform routine IT tasks, such as configuring and provisioning.

What tools help create cloud services?

Cloud services can be created in an organization through simple access to an outside infrastructure (infrastructure as a service, or IaaS), a platform that runs applications (platform as a service, or PaaS), or a complete software package (software as a service, or SaaS).

What is an orchestrator in the cloud?

A cloud orchestrator is a software tool that automatically delivers a variety of cloud-based resources to users, along with helping to manage and coordinate systems, middleware, and services.

What are automation tools?

Automation tools include software that can take over certain repetitive, manual tasks from IT workers.

What are orchestration tools?

These are software tools that coordinate the use of IT resources that are connected through the cloud.

What is the difference between automation and orchestration?

Automation refers to letting software take over particular tasks, whereas orchestration refers to the creation of entire workflows that manage the connections between software, networks, and users.

What is the main benefit of automated provisioning?

It reduces the time needed to complete IT service requests, achieving changes or activations within impressive time frames—even minutes.

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