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Ivanti Neurons is a new type of cloud service management solution. It is a platform that provides cloud-based automation, security, and self-healing to your employee’s devices anywhere on your network, powered by machine learning. These cloud service management tools will:


  • Maintain reliable cloud services, reducing interruptions by 60% or more

  • About 80% of the time, self-heal user device problems without users reporting them

  • Detect and stop malicious security threats against devices

  • Discover around 30% more of your IT assets than before, protecting them and securing your network better

  • Compile your IT asset inventory automatically, harmonizing data and yielding valuable insights

  • Improve the performance of edge devices and endpoints

  • Reduce configuration drift on your devices

  • Coordinate users’ preferences between all their devices

  • Offer self-service options to users, allowing lightning-fast resolutions

  • Bring greater cost efficiencies to your IT budget


Ivanti Neurons will distribute automated ITIL cloud service management tools throughout your network as it grows. Bring on new devices, and Ivanti Neurons will inventory them and begin automatically protecting them—saving you time, labor costs, and complicated workflows.


Ivanti’s new cloud service management solution is a scalable, reliable way to improve your cloud services. But will you implement it in the most effective way for your particular system? Will your staff members adopt it and use it optimally? 


Our Ivanti-trained consultants can help you enjoy the benefits of Ivanti Neurons through our:

We provide:

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Tell us your unique needs and any relevant details of your system, and our consultants will build an efficient custom implementation of Neurons for your organization. We’ll make sure the plan goes right.

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Get quick answers about the features of Ivanti Neurons or any challenges you have. Our enthusiastic tech support team offers our comprehensive knowledge.

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We make your success our success by giving you ongoing support for your goals, such as increasing adoption and use of Neurons.


What is service management in cloud computing?

This refers to an IT department servicing its employees’ needs through a cloud-based system. IT workers often create standardized processes to ensure customers are satisfied, constantly improving these services.

What is cloud-based management?

This is the field of providing IT services to users through the cloud. It can include self-service for users, automated and scalable services, pooling of computing resources, and other cloud service management solutions.

What is reliability in cloud computing?

This is a measurement of how likely it is that the network will continue functioning during a given time period without failing.

What are cloud tools?

Cloud tools are applications that help IT managers deliver cloud-based services more effectively and reduce their budgets and labor time.

How is cloud data managed?

An organization’s data is saved in servers owned by an outside vendor. This allows employees to connect to their data from anywhere, as well as backing up data to prevent catastrophic data loss.

What are cloud management tools?

These are software tools IT workers use to control cloud-based processes and resources. These tools can assist in tracking usage, deploying assets, recovering from disasters, and more.

What are service management tools?

IT service managers use these tools to deliver IT services to their employees. An example is help desk software, which helps workers answer questions and take service requests.

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