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Thank you for helping us make Kevin's dream a reality!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

This is about the young man from Santa Barbara, Kevin Coronado. He is a young Hispanic boy and his parents worked extra hard to give him the opportunity to get his initial training. His mom works 7 days a week as a House Cleaner and Caregiver. His father worked for a Santa Barbara company at their warehouse and as a delivery truck driver for over 17 years, putting in long hours daily before getting badly hurt on the job a few months ago. He is unable to work as he is waiting for Back surgery. His company let him go while he was on sick leave for this disability.

Kevin is a young man who believes that since he had the opportunity to learn and participate in this Martial Arts Form, he wants to continue to give back and mentor younger children. Aikido is a unique form of self-defense martial arts that also emphasis protecting the attacker that was developed by Morihei Ueshiba. Kevin has reached  4th level which is a big accomplishment and has been instructing younger students for four years. He will be accompanying his Sensei (mentor/teacher) from the Santa Barbara Dojo( school) Greater Los Angeles Region of Aikido USA, to meet her Sensei in Japan. He will have the opportunity to train with the TOP MASTERS in the world by making this trip. Kevin will gain much more skill and confidence. He believes that Aikido is his gift to share with other youth (those younger than him) to keep them focused on education and stay on a straight path in life. Quite a wonderful thing today when many young people his age would not have such concrete vision. 

Kevin is a student at San Marcus High School in Santa Barbara, Ca. He is the oldest of three children and strives to be an excellent role model for his younger siblings. He is dedicated to his discipline and wants to continue to learn so that he can mentor others.  Besides the younger children that he mentors, Kevin also assists beginning adults and they all think very highly of him.  He is a patient and kind young man who truly deserves this opportunity to go to Japan and continue to excel at his ART. We, at Latest Solutions,  believe he will continue to grow and be a great role model to others in his community.

Latest Solutions, USA, LLC is sponsoring this young man by starting this page and will fund match to help him reach his goal. Any excess funds will be used to sponsor students with similar Sports or educational endeavors

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