How Ivanti Neurons Steps Up the Game in IT Automation Software


IT teams face a rapidly growing field. With the rise of virtualized networks and cloud services, IT automation is a necessary strategy to help IT teams deliver services with improved consistency and speed.

Ivanti Neurons is an IT process automation software that enables hyper-automation including the ability to self-heal, self-secure, and self-service. It gives IT teams the ability to control the exponential demand they are responsible for and allows them to manage from cloud to edge.

What Is IT Automation Software?

IT automation replaces time-consuming, manual tasks for IT teams. Rather than forcing the team to manually deal with repetitive and menial tasks, which might not be the best use of their time or energy, IT automation software performs them instead. IT automation examples can include:

  • Daily large batch processes

  • Cloud provisioning

  • Application deployment

  • Configuration management

  • Data transfers

  • Error-prone data entry tasks

In theory, if it’s an IT task, there is some level of automation that can be applied within the task.

IT automation aims to automate and remove the stress and energy surrounding repetitive, time-consuming, and manual tasks. It helps increase efficiencies, optimize the resources of the IT team, and reduce errors.

What Is Ivanti Neurons?

Ivanti Neurons automates IT and security operations and provides a hyper-automation solution at a hyper-scale. It can autonomously self-heal and self-secure devices and self-service end-users. Ivanti Neurons discovers IT assets from cloud to edge while improving service delivery and reducing risk.

With the help of self-healing automation bots, Ivanti Neurons empowers IT teams to deal with the explosive growth of endpoints and the data they generate without requiring more from the team.

How Does Ivanti Neurons Compare to Other IT Automation Software?

Ivanti Neurons helps IT teams streamline their day-to-day operations, including service delivery, managing endpoints, enforcing cybersecurity policies, and other tasks.

Here are five of the ways Ivanti Neurons stands out against its competition.

1. Identify and Solve Problems Before They’re Detected

Rather than addressing and resolving issues when they are reported by users, Ivanti Neurons anticipates security threats. It uses automated bots that continually sense, discover, and resolve security issues before the end-user detects them. The process is so accurate and effective that it resolves up to 80% of endpoint issues or anomalies before users report them.

2. Gather and Unify Data Quickly

Ivanti Neurons can query all endpoints and get real-time data in seconds. This feature creates a real-time inventory, which gives IT specialists a quick understanding of operations at any point in time. This up-to-the-minute information gives IT teams the ability to react promptly and manage their systems proactively rather than reactively.

3. Available Real-Time Data

Because Ivanti Neurons gathers and unifies data quickly, it empowers analysts to use real-time data to fuel analysis, allowing them to make appropriate choices with relevant and accurate information.

4. Fast Inventory of IT Assets

The time spent on gathering, aggregating, and harmonizing data is reduced from weeks to seconds with Ivanti Neurons. It pulls a full 360-degree view of all devices on a network (even if they’re spread around the world) and delivers the information to a center console in seconds. Gathered data can include information about every user, device, and application being used.

5. Automate Essential IT Processes With a User-Friendly Platform

Ivanti Neurons focuses on providing a contextual and personalized experience to fit the needs of each user. User and device views cut complexity and long wait times, which leads to higher productivity and faster resolution times.

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