What Is Remote Employee Monitoring and Is It Worth It?

There is a growing trend for employees to work somewhere other than the office, but how can you really know they’re working? If your employees work from home, employee monitoring software can help your company increase productivity while tracking your employees’ workload.

What is remote employee monitoring? Remote employee monitoring gives employers the ability to monitor how their employees are using their time while working remotely. Depending on the program, it’s possible for employers to monitor websites employees visit, which programs they use, and any files they download. The ultimate goal for remote employee monitoring is to examine employee activity.

How Does Employee Monitoring Software Work?

Remote employee monitoring starts with the installation of a program on the employee’s computer. Once the software is installed, the employer establishes what will be tracked and how the software will work.

Most programs provide the option for different levels of surveillance. Do you want to only monitor your employees to ensure they’re not wasting time on social media when they’re working, or do you want an in-depth report including time tracking, inactivity, attendance, task management, websites visited, and programs run?

Once the program is installed and the report conditions are set, the program runs in the background and keeps track of what you have established. Most programs generate an up-to-the-minute report that actively tracks what is happening on an employee’s computer.

What Can Be Tracked with Remote Employee Monitoring Software?

All activity on a computer can be tracked with remote employee monitoring software.

You can track the time employees spend on different programs and applications and capture screenshots of these activities. These capabilities depend on the type of employee monitoring software, the settings and configuration of the program, and the needs of the employer.

Reports can even show keyboard and mouse activity to ensure employees are working on the correct screen with the correct program and their work is being done productively.

Why Should You Use Remote Employee Monitoring?

Remote employee monitoring can help your company run smoothly and efficiently. Here are a few benefits of employee monitoring software.

Boosts Productivity

Employees who are not monitored or watched can easily become distracted or inefficient with their time. Being watched makes employees more mindful of what they are doing at their computers, how they are using their time, and the relevance of those actions. This can help boost productivity and keep employees on task.

Provides Company Security

If critical data is leaked or stolen, you can use the monitoring software to track where the leak came from, as well as where it was sent.

Supports Personnel Decisions

When it comes time for employee reviews, monitoring software can be used to give evidence of why employees should be promoted or terminated. With the ability to track and see clearly how an employee is spending their time every day, management can make better decisions on whether an employee is a right fit for the organization.