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The Service Manager help desk software suite from Ivanti will let you modernize your IT service desk and quickly align your IT department with your organization’s strategic goals. Entire IT workflows are available in it, which can be quickly modified by drag-and-drop interface. 


Your customers will be able to place a service request more quickly and easily than ever. Then, your IT workers can select a service plan, get automatic approval, execute the change or service, audit it, and more. 


This ITSM management software will help your IT workers deliver a new level of high-quality services. Plus, it includes these advantages:


  • The software can help you serve internal customers, external, or both. You can adapt Service Manager to any unique business situation.

  • It’s deployable on your premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both. Switch deployment types at will. Do business in the way that makes sense for you. 

  • Voice automation is included, allowing customers to quickly enter requests. This frees your workers up for higher-skilled services.

  • Service Manager includes the Ivanti Help Desk incident management system, Service Desk change manager, and other software solutions to fully update your IT department processes and services. It will make you as efficient and effective as possible.


At Latest Solutions, we offer much more than products. We provide solutions that ensure your Ivanti Service Manager software will work for you immediately. Plus, you’ll receive help when you need it and get full value out of your software’s features. This is all achieved through:

We provide:

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Our experienced consultants (who have experience from working at Ivanti) listen carefully to your specific needs and help you build custom software solutions, along with implementing them.

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We provide ongoing answers and help, even showing your employees how to use the software best.

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Tell us your goals, and we will help more of your customers use your software—and more of your employees serve customers through it.


What does a service desk manager do?

In this role, an IT expert manages the daily functions of an IT service desk, being responsible for internal and/or external customers receiving effective IT support.

What is a service help desk?

This is a provider of IT services, which can include fixing IT problems, providing IT informational solutions, and initiating new service requests, among others.

What is Ivanti Service Manager?

This is a customizable software suite that enhances all aspects of delivering IT services. It helps to manage workflows, provides automated self-service options, and tracks services from start to finish.

What is the difference between a help desk and a service desk?

A help desk only handles fixing immediate IT problems, whereas a service desk provides both that and other comprehensive IT services to customers.

How do I run a successful service desk?

Put customer needs first; deploy scalable processes; provide self-service options for customers; use customizable software to enhance your services; and keep improving your customer-centric services.

What makes a good service manager?

Align your department more closely with the objectives of the whole organization, making decisions both for the short- and long-term good of customers and the organization. Communicate effectively with customers, employees, and leaders.

What is an ITSM tool?

This refers to any ITSM management software that helps in the delivery of IT services, which can include taking service requests or managing incidents, as examples.

What is ITSM and ITIL?

ITSM includes all the ideas and practices used to design and deliver IT services to customers. ITIL is an established methodology of practicing ITSM more effectively.

What is the ITSM process?

ITSM is the discipline of planning, delivering, and managing customer-focused IT services. It is best practiced as a codified process for satisfying customer needs and continually improving.

What is included in ITSM?

ITSM includes every process and activity used during each IT service to each customer. These can include methods of managing incidents, problems, services, changes, assets, and knowledge.

What is the difference between ITSM and ITOM?

Whereas ITSM focuses on IT services delivered to customers, ITOM focuses on managing the components of an organization’s technology infrastructure, which may or may not include serving customers directly.

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