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About Us

Experts in Top IT Solutions in the Industry

Latest Solutions is made of highly-skilled group of IT software consultants offering boutique-style services. Our consultants are skilled to architect, implement, and optimize top IT software solutions focused on a cost-effective and user-oriented experience.


Latest Solutions began with the idea to fill the gaps we saw all-too-often in the IT software lifecycle. We wanted our customers to be confident in their investments, in maintaining expertise in their organizations over time, and access to a friendly and professional support staff whenever needed. We know that our customers deserve the best, that's why we stand behind our White Glove Concierge Service. We have changed what it means to be an Expert Service Provider for Ivanti, and we carry our excellence into all of our partnerships and customer relationships.

We help businesses to:

Implement, configure, and automate their Ivanti investment

Greatly reduce windows 10 migration times

Improve the level of cyber security for their systems and data

Minimize disruptions in business operations + maintain continuous business operations

Simplify desktop deployment and administration, reducing IT costs

Minimize the impact of Ivanti solution upgrades and any chance of data ever being lost

Build new processes and workflows to increase Ivanti product maturity

Mitigate the risk of any revenue losses from technology issues or disruptions

Minimize lost revenue resulting from attacks, avoid having to disclose data breaches

Decrease infrastructure costs by leveraging outsourced and cloud resources

We are a proud Ivanti Elite Partner. Our team offers expertise in the entire Ivanti portfolio. While Latest Solutions was established in 2011, our seasoned professionals offer an impressive 100+ years of combined Ivanti experience. 

We provide a bridge between your business requirements and the functionality of Ivanti products. The LS staff are all former Ivanti employees and have the necessary technical expertise and business acumen to align your product usage with best practices. 

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