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Ivanti’s Identity Director software automates your identity management services. Your IT department will be able to provide this vital function through a ready-made system without losing valuable work time. 


Let the software handle the complicated rules and mechanisms of access. Identity management solutions are necessary in our high-tech world, but your IT department has other vital day-to-day work to complete. That’s why Identity Director: 


  • Speeds up the onboarding of new employees, role changes, and offboarding

  • Keeps logs of access to sensitive information and apps for auditing

  • Compiles identity details from HR, payroll, and other sources

  • Provides simple and customizable workflows for identity management

  • Grants different levels or types of access based on roles

  • Gives users self-service options


Your IT department will be excited that they don’t have to answer as many calls or emails about identity and access, and your leadership will approve of the added security that our best IAM software provides—along with the quick return on investment the organization can reap. 


Enterprise software is only as good as its implementation and adoption. Since each organization is unique, we provide high-quality services to ensure your identity management solutions are effective and well-received. 

We provide:

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Let us analyze your organization and understand your needs to customize your software for you. We can also coordinate an efficient implementation across your organization. 

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Call us with questions, and get quick answers. We'll have you up and running in no time. We make sure your software works correctly for you and that your employees use it well.

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Get ongoing assistance with the execution of your identity management strategy. Our experienced consultants will help you improve the adoption rates of Identity Director and accomplish other related goals.


What is an IAM solution?

IAM refers to identity and access management. An IAM solution refers to software that centralizes an organization's control of access to technology, providing better visibility and management of it.

What does identity management mean?

It is an organization’s procedures for setting up digital identities for employees and others in order to grant them appropriate access to software, networks, or systems.

What is the difference between identity management and access management?

Identity management includes processes for establishing digital identities for each user, whereas access management includes tools and policies for granting or denying access based on those identities. Note, however, that they are often handled together by a single software suite.

What is IAM and its purpose?

AM refers to all the policies, processes, and technologies used to set up and manage digital identities. It is used by IT managers and software to allow appropriate users to connect with technological resources and information.

What are the benefits of identity management?

A well-designed identity management framework can make employees more productive, lower the cost of IT, give users access from many locations, improve the user experience, create a better audit trail, and much more.

What are identity management tools?

IAM tools include software and other technologies that make identity management easier for IT employees and users, keeping tracking of user identities and automatically granting appropriate access rights.

How do you implement identity and access management?

Centralize all data about identities in one location, and use that database to control access across the organization. Set up systems for immediately granting and revoking access when necessary, along with analytics tools that scan for cases of inappropriate access.

What does IAM mean?

It means identity and access management, which refers to the collection of software, hardware, and policies used to control access to secure information systems in your organization.

Why do we need identity and access management?

By controlling who has access to vital IT resources, IAM can keep organizations more secure. As certain functions are automated, it can also save money and labor time.

What is identity and access management (IAM) and where would it be used?

As the technologies and policies for managing identities and granting access to sensitive data, IAM is often used in organizations that have valuable technological and information resources to protect.

What are the important components of IAM?

IAM can be divided into four components: user management, central user repository, authentication, and authorization. They deal with setting up identities, keeping identity data in one database, and granting authorized users appropriate access.

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