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Our Ivanti asset management application is the best cloud asset tracking software we can offer. It keeps track of the entire lifecycle of your hardware, software, cloud resources, servers, and other IT assets in your organization.


Organizations live and die on insights. And IT asset management software gives your IT managers and leaders insights that will help your organization reduce costs, increase productive time, fight security threats, and spend more time on important work. Our IT asset management solutions will also help you: 


  • Get the most use out of every IT contract and asset

  • See a complete picture of all your IT resources

  • Enjoy the use of predefined asset management workflows or quickly customize your own

  • Devote fewer resources to asset management yet reap greater rewards

  • Track assets with quick and easy barcode scanning

  • Create insight-rich asset reports

  • Choose the best asset vendors

  • Set up workflow automations in the cloud

  • Ensure assets are being used optimally

  • Order replacement assets right on time

  • Install patches and updates on time

  • Reduce security risks


Enjoy the benefits of our best IT asset management solutions provided by Ivanti Asset Manager. By using your assets more effectively, you can save money and get more value out of each resource. Pursue your most important objectives knowing your assets are being managed right.


Out of all the asset management services providers available, why choose Latest Solutions? Because we do much more than provide software. As former Ivanti employees, we have deep expertise in every feature of Asset Manager—both obvious and hidden. 


We can ensure you will get full value out of your new software, from the planning to the implementation to the day-to-day use. Our services include:

We provide:

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You’ll get a custom configuration of Asset Manager for your unique needs. Tell us every detail, and we’ll plan your implementation to go well at every step.

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You won’t have to struggle to remember how to use a feature. Call our tech support team to get quick answers on Asset Manager.

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We ensure that you meet your ongoing goals, such as having your team fully adopt Asset Manager.


What are asset management tools?

These include software tools that use automation to help IT staff members to better track all relevant details of every enterprise IT asset.

How do you create an asset management database?

Decide on the IT asset attributes that will be recorded and tracked. Design a flexible database that can be accessed and quickly updated by appropriate personnel, and record relevant attributes of all IT assets. (Or use a ready-made asset management application.)

Why is IT asset management important?

It gets employees to use a systematic process for tracking and optimizing an organization’s IT assets. This can improve employee productivity and reduce downtime.

What are the types of asset management?

Requisition of assets, procurement, inventory, software license management, financial management of IT assets, inventory, and retirement.

What is the difference between an asset and a CI?

An IT asset is a tangible or intangible thing that has value to your organization (such as a computer or a contract), whereas a configuration item (CI) is a resource that is part of an IT service. For example, your email services are made up of CIs that include personnel, contracts, and assets like software.

How do you manage inventory assets?

Create an IT asset inventory and a process to use this inventory consistently to reap greater benefits from the lifecycle of each asset. Gather data about each asset initially, then track assets throughout their use.

What is the best asset management software?

There are dozens of asset management tools. It is recommended you choose one that your staff can quickly integrate into their current workflows.

What are the types of asset management in ITIL?

Within the ITIL framework, there is asset management, which includes practices for acquiring, tracking, and retiring assets. There is also configuration management, which details the ways in which assets and other items are coordinated together to deliver complete IT services.

What is an asset database?

It should be a well-designed database an organization uses to keep track of the status and attributes of a variety of IT assets, including hardware, software, network devices, and digital users.

What is an asset management database?

A database that tracks all of an organization’s IT assets, which benefits users in many ways, including allowing them to see when certain assets are available.

What is an asset system?

It is a process used to track all the IT equipment, software, and other devices organizations use. It can be controlled or enhanced by an asset management application.

What are asset management services?

These are services provided by an outside vendor or an IT department to inventory and track IT assets. Services may include monitoring the lifecycle of assets, finding suitable vendors for replacements, and offering insights into possible inventory improvements—among others.

How does software asset management work?

This process is used to improve and even automate the management of acquiring, deploying, and using software licenses. Effective software asset management can decrease licensing costs.

What are the benefits of asset management?

IT asset management solutions can be used to track IT assets more effectively; make operations more efficient; reduce IT costs and risks; produce more accurate IT financial reports and forecasts; and standardize the asset management process.

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